Rakkì Soldier Steve McQueen '66 cardigan FW2122

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Iconic model of the '60s inspired by the famous piece worn by Steve McQueen in the backstage of the 1966 movie "Nevada Smith".

History and Description: Spirit cardigan vintage and from the lines Retro, characterized by the revisited English stitch and real horn buttons, it represents an ever green in the world of clothing, something unique and unrepeatable.

Woven on a loom (8 twisted threads) on gauge 3, stitched and finished by hand.

Composition 100% merino wool, chosen from among the noblest and finest wools, certified by prestigious Italian spinning mills, located in the historic district of Biella, which through numerous control phases, select only the parts of the fleece that reaches quality levels of excellence.

Choice of Yarn: Before weaving, the artisans of Rakkì they choose to have the yarn twisted in several garments, with the aim of making it even cleaner and more compact, eliminating the piling effect typical of the noble and natural raw materials they use.

The creations Rakkì they are the result of collaboration, coordination and comparison between emerging designers and historical artisans of the textile district of Emilia Romagna.

The quality and refinement that distinguish these garments are the result of the artistic process that characterizes each stage of processing, combined with the highest levels of excellence of the noble yarns used.

Available colours Hazelnut, Navy Blue and Chocolate

 Made in Italy