Double-breasted TMB Zero Gravity

The lightest dress in the world!

Totally deconstructed and perfect for warmer climates.

The main feature of this garment, in addition to its incredible lightness,

is versatility: Perfect for the most elegant occasions but also to be worn in less formal situations, perhaps combined with a t-shirt and a sneaker.

Completely unlined coat in “Impeccabile” light wool.

“Impeccabile” is a line of innovative materials, whose fibers are subjected to eco-friendly treatment that make the fabric naturally elastic, breathable, stain resistant and water resistant.

Suitable for those who want to dress elegantly but with extremely light garments, perfect for those who travel often for work.

Shoe entirely sewn by hand, characterized by the extreme lightness and softness of the unlined leather as well as by the "important" sole that makes stable foot but at the same time insulates from the heat of the asphalt.

Suitable for those who love to dress up every day, perfect for ceremonies in the hot summer months!

Short-sleeved crepe cotton crew neck, with dropped collar and sleeves.

The processing on the frame makes it a super light garment and at the same time gives the garment a perfect fit.

This Kiton sneaker is characterized by an incredible lightness thanks  to the extra light sole and the totally unlined cotton canvas.

With a simple and essential line, it is perfect to wear with a Bermuda shorts but also under a dress on more informal occasions.

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